Bitcoin Revolution: Bring Financial Equality to the Unbanked


• We are living through the next great technological revolution, but many people don’t have access to the financial system and are vulnerable to economic shocks.
• Bitcoin can help bring about a financial revolution for those who need it most, with its open, decentralized and permissionless protocol.
• First we need to educate people on what Bitcoin is and provide examples of how it can help them, then fight for crypto policy that will support adoption.

The Next Great Revolution

As we look back on a tumultuous year in the markets, it’s easy to overlook the fact that we are living through the next great technological revolution. ChatGPT is just one example of how artificial intelligence will shape our future, but there are many others out there too. Market cycles come and go, yet these innovations being built today have the potential to last forever and revolutionize how we live our lives.

The Unbanked Problem

The tragedy of this advancement is that many people won’t benefit from it due to lack of access to modern financial systems. Around 1.5 billion people around the world are unbanked — unable to participate in this new digital economy due to financial exclusion or lack of banking services in their region. This number has been exacerbated by rapid inflation in developing countries during 2022, with some nations such as Turkey reaching 85% annual inflation rates. These systemic risks within legacy finance systems coupled with government responses have failed miserably at helping those who need it most — making it harder than ever for these individuals to improve their standards of living or take advantage of emerging technologies like cryptocurrency exchanges OKX or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin which could potentially offer them greater economic opportunity.

Cryptocurrency: A Solution?

Bitcoin may be able to provide a solution by offering an open, decentralized and permissionless protocol which doesn’t require intermediaries for transactions around the world. It is also programmatically designed so as not suffer from inflation like traditional fiat currencies do when governments intervene heavily with monetary policies — though nothing is completely foolproof! However without proper education around what cryptocurrency is and how it can be used safely more widely — coupled with appropriate crypto policies supporting adoption — Bitcoin cannot reach its full potential for providing economic equality and inclusion for those who need it most urgently right now.

What Needs To Be Done

In order for us all stand a chance at creating more equitable economic opportunities across borders and social classes, there needs to be an information gap filled between traditional finance systems and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin first before any real change can be seen on a global scale. Therefore education should be provided regarding what cryptocurrency is and examples given of how they work – followed up by effective policymaking which supports widespread adoption in order for everyone regardless of background or location not miss out on this incredible new technology available today!

Bitcoin Market Sees Decrease in Volume and Volatility: Potential for Further Decline

• Bitcoin market volume and volatility have decreased significantly since October and November 2021.
• The lack of volatility and market depth could lead to another leg lower in the market.
• The peak months of bitcoin volume were September and November 2021.

The bitcoin market has seen a significant decrease in both volume and volatility since its peak months of September and November 2021. This lack of activity in the market is concerning, as it could lead to another leg lower in the market. This decrease in volume and volatility has been highlighted in the recent edition of Bitcoin Magazine PRO, a premium markets newsletter.

The newsletter states that the bitcoin price is providing investors with pain due to the lack of a clear change in trends. It also mentions that the overall market depth and liquidity have taken a major hit after the collapse of FTX and Alameda, leading to a decrease in liquidity.

The lack of volume and volatility in the bitcoin market is concerning, as it could lead to another downward trend in the market. This lack of activity has been seen in the spot and perpetual futures markets, with the majority of the activity taking place in September and November 2021.

The newsletter suggests that the most market pain can be felt when having to wait for a clear change in trends. This pain is being felt in the bitcoin market, as investors are still waiting for an explosion in market volatility that will define major directional moves in the market.

It is essential that investors continue to monitor the bitcoin market closely, as the lack of activity could lead to a downward trend in the market. The decreased volume and volatility in the bitcoin market is a concerning sign, and investors should be aware of the potential risks associated with investing in this market.

Fiji’s New PM Proposes Bitcoin as Legal Tender: Impact on Remittances & Mining

• Sitiveni Rabuka, the new Prime Minister of Fiji, is reportedly considering the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender.
• Lord Fusitu’a, a noble and former member of parliament of Tonga, has confirmed that Rabuka is pro-Bitcoin.
• The adoption of Bitcoin in Fiji and Tonga could benefit the two countries in terms of remittances and mining.

Fiji has recently seen a change in leadership, as Sitiveni Rabuka has taken office as the new Prime Minister of the Pacific Islands of Fiji and is reportedly considering the adoption of bitcoin as legal tender. Lord Fusitu’a, a noble and former member of parliament of neighboring nation Tonga, has confirmed that the Fijian politician is a bitcoin bull.

Lord Fusitu’a shared the news on Twitter, stating “A new pro-#Bitcoin friendly Prime Minister in the South Pacific. Fiji’s newly elected Prime Minister @slrabuka.” He went on to hint at the legal tender legislation, saying “Let’s go 2 for 2 – BTC Legal Tender Bills for the Pacific in 2023.” This potential legislation came to light after El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law came into effect.

The adoption of Bitcoin in Fiji and Tonga could benefit these countries in two specific areas; remittances and mining. Remittances sent to Fiji accounted for 11.3% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2021, per World Bank data. Tonga’s situation is even more dramatic –– remittances were a whopping 45.5% of the nation’s GDP in 2021. Mining could also be a great opportunity for both countries, as they could take advantage of their geology to power bitcoin mining operations.

It remains to be seen if the new Prime Minister of Fiji will move forward with the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender, but the news of his pro-Bitcoin stance is certainly encouraging. If the legislation is successful, it could provide much-needed relief to both countries in terms of remittances and mining. The next few months will be interesting to observe, as the new Prime Minister of Fiji solidifies his stance on Bitcoin.

Store Value, Not Time: The Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin

• Metaphors and analogies can be used to help people understand Bitcoin, but they should not be taken too literally.
• The metaphor of “storing time” in Bitcoin is an overly loose and imprecise metaphor that should not be taken too seriously.
• Bitcoin can be seen as a store of value if we consider longer time frames, but it should not be seen as a literal “store of time.”

Bitcoin has been around for over a decade now and it has become increasingly popular as a digital currency. Bitcoin has been likened to many things over the years, from gold to digital cash and beyond. However, it is important to not take these metaphors and analogies too literally, as they can lead to incorrect assumptions about Bitcoin.

The concept of “storing time” in Bitcoin is an example of a metaphor that should not be taken too seriously. While it is true that Bitcoin can be seen as a store of value over longer time frames, it should not be viewed as a literal “store of time.” This is due to the fact that Bitcoin is not a tangible asset, and therefore it cannot be said to “store” time in any literal sense.

More accurately, Bitcoin can be seen as a store of value, meaning that it can be used to preserve wealth over time. This is due to the fact that Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning that it is not subject to the whims of central banks or governments. This means that Bitcoin can potentially hold its value better than fiat currencies, which are subject to inflation.

Additionally, Bitcoin has certain features that make it attractive for long-term investments. For example, Bitcoin has a limited supply, meaning that its value can potentially increase over time due to scarcity. Also, Bitcoin has a low correlation with other assets, making it a good diversification tool for investors.

In conclusion, it is important to be aware of the various metaphors and analogies that have been used to describe Bitcoin. While these can be helpful in certain contexts, it is important to not take them too literally. Bitcoin should be seen as a store of value, rather than a literal “store of time.” This means that it can be used to preserve wealth over the long term, and that it is a good diversification tool for investors.

Unlocking the Power of the Bitcoin Lightning Network to Enhance Scalability

One of the most potent and ground-breaking technologies of our time is the Bitcoin network. Fast, safe, and dependable peer-to-peer financial transactions are now possible everywhere. The Bitcoin network has, however, had trouble scaling to meet the rising transaction demand. Long confirmation periods and hefty transaction costs are the result of this. A fresh layer of technology called the Bitcoin Lightning Network is being added to the Bitcoin network to allow for quicker, less expensive, and more secure transactions. In this post, we’ll look at the advantages of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, its difficulties, and how it might help make Bitcoin more scalable.

Describe Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network-based decentralized digital money. It is run by a worldwide network of computers that verify and log transactions on the blockchain, a decentralized public ledger. Bitcoin enables value transfers between users without the involvement of a middleman, such as a bank.

What is the Lightning Network for Bitcoin?

On top of the Bitcoin network, a second layer technology called the Bitcoin Lightning Network was created. It is intended to make transactions on the Bitcoin network cheaper, quicker, and more secure. By establishing off-chain payment channels between two or more members, the Lightning Network functions. Users are able to conduct immediate transactions using these payment channels without having to wait for Bitcoin network confirmation.

Describe trading platform

Leading social trading site Immediate Edge enables users to trade a variety of financial products, such as cryptocurrency. With a variety of features including copy trading and the option to follow other successful traders, Immediate Edge is an excellent platform for users to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network’s Advantages

A variety of advantages over conventional Bitcoin transactions are provided via the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Because establishing up a payment channel is substantially less expensive than broadcasting a transaction across the whole network, it can dramatically lower transaction fees. As transactions within payment channels are almost quickly verified, it also makes transactions speedier. Additionally, because the Lightning Network does not rely on miners to validate transactions, it is more secure than conventional Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin Lightning Network’s problems

The Lightning Network has numerous advantages, but there are certain issues that need to be resolved as well. Scalability is one of the key difficulties. Due to the two participant restriction on each payment channel, the Lightning Network can only process a certain amount of transactions at once. This indicates that more payment channels will need to be set up if the network is to be utilized for larger transactions.

Using the Lightning Network to increase the scalability of Bitcoin

In order to help the Bitcoin network scale, the Lightning Network is being created. It is feasible to handle more transactions with less resources by using off-chain payment methods. This could make it possible for the Bitcoin network to process more transactions at a quicker rate.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network’s Technical Details

The “payment channels” technology powers the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Off-chain payment networks known as payment channels enable users to complete transactions instantly without having to wait for confirmation from the Bitcoin network. A “multisignature” technique is used to protect payment channels, which requires approval from two or more users before a transaction can be executed.


A potent new technology called the Bitcoin Lightning Network is being created to aid in resolving the scalability problems with the Bitcoin network. It is feasible to handle more transactions with less resources by using off-chain payment methods. Additionally, because the Lightning Network does not rely on miners to validate transactions, it is more secure than conventional Bitcoin transactions. With a variety of features including copy trading and the option to follow other successful traders, Immediate Edge is an excellent platform for users to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Lightning Network has the potential to make Bitcoin even more effective and valuable than it now is.

Recenzja Bitcode AI

Jestem świadomy faktu, że większość ludzi może nie być świadoma, co to jest Bitcode AI, ale jesteś teraz we właściwym miejscu. Bitcode AI to platforma online, na której możesz handlować online przy użyciu dowolnej kryptowaluty, której możesz zapragnąć. Masz przyjemność handlować przy użyciu Bitcoinów, Ethereum i innych form kryptowalut. Będąc jedną z największych grup wymiany Bitcoin, nie musisz się już martwić o aktualizacje dotyczące panujących warunków rynkowych. Oprócz umożliwienia handlu, Bitcode AI zapewnia, że jesteś na bieżąco informowany o zmianach na rynku. Z platformą Bitcode AI możesz zobaczyć rozwój sytuacji na szerszym rynku i dzięki temu podejmować właściwe decyzje w oparciu o fakty.

Podstawy Bitcode AI

Jest kilka prostych rzeczy, które możemy nazwać podstawami Bitcode AI. Po wejściu na stronę, w prawym górnym rogu znajduje się ikona logowania i rejestracji. Ikona logowania pozwala na otwarcie konta przy użyciu danych osobowych. Gdy masz już konto, możesz zacząć handlować minimalną kwotą 10 000 USD. Jest to możliwe tylko po zaakceptowaniu zasad i warunków, które wiążą Cię z Bitcode AI. Zanim cokolwiek zrobisz, możesz swobodnie spojrzeć na dane graficzne, które pokazują panujące trendy rynkowe. Mając takie wizualizacje, możesz teraz rozpocząć handel.

Szczegóły bezpieczeństwa związane z Bitcode AI

Bitcode AI jest najbezpieczniejszym miejscem, niż możesz sobie wyobrazić. Po pierwsze, Bitcode AI zawsze zapewniał zimny magazyn, gdzie ponad 99% środków jest przechowywanych w fizycznym magazynie. Dzięki temu nie cała kwota jest przechowywana online. Hakerzy mają utrudniony dostęp do tej platformy ze względu na fakt, że aby uzyskać dostęp do jakiejkolwiek części platformy, muszą spełnić wszystkie kroki bezpieczeństwa. Ponadto, Bitcode AI zastosował szyfrowanie takie jak HTTPS TS 1.3. Z tym faktem, możesz być pewien, że Bitcode AI jest najlepszym miejscem do bycia. Możesz mieć pewność, że jest to najbezpieczniejsze miejsce. Aby uzyskać więcej szczegółowych informacji, odwiedź

Każdy może korzystać z Bitcode AI

W przeciwieństwie do innych kont, które pozwalają tylko obywatelom USA, Bitcode AI pozwala tylko obywatelom spoza USA. Powód tego nie jest ważny, ale wszystko co musimy wiedzieć to to, że minimalna kwota, którą możemy transakcjonować to 10 000 dolarów. Bitcode AI jest również bardziej wyspecjalizowaną stroną handlową i możesz handlować tylko wtedy, gdy jesteś doświadczonym użytkownikiem. Jest to ryzykowne konto, ponieważ wiadomo, że jest to platforma, na której handel z depozytem zabezpieczającym jest na porządku dziennym.

Ograniczenia Bitcode AI

Głównym ograniczeniem Bitcode AI jest to, że nie ma minimalnej ani maksymalnej kwoty, którą można wpłacić lub wypłacić. Jednak to ograniczenie jest pozytywne w tym sensie, że pozwala profesjonalistom, którzy są doświadczeni, na zawieranie transakcji i handel dowolną kwotą, którą chcą handlować. Ponadto, Bitcode AI zapewnia realizację zleceń wypłaty natychmiast po 6 godzinach, a czasami po 12 godzinach (dziennie). To czyni go efektywnym dla profesjonalnych osobowości handlowych.

Opening an account with BitIQ and Is there a deposit guarantee?

There is a deposit guarantee.

All client accounts are held as segregated accounts. These are accounts that are kept separate from the accounts of the brokerage house. Should a broker become insolvent, the customer with a segregated account can still dispose of his money with the broker in question.

For more information on this topic, click here:

Customer funds and investments are also protected in three different ways:

  • Customer deposits are held in segregated accounts, which are managed strictly separately from BitIQ’s equity. Claims against BitIQ cannot therefore be extended to client funds.
  • In the unlikely event of BitIQ’s insolvency, client funds as well as financial instruments are protected by the US Securities
  • Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). The protection includes a maximum of USD 500,000 per client, this includes a maximum of USD 250,000 on cash deposits. In addition, there is a policy with Lloyd’s providing protection of USD 30 million per client (of which USD 900,000 on cash deposits), with an aggregate maximum of USD 150 million per claim.
  • In the event that there are positions in non-US index options, non-US index futures and metals and cash positions in the UK account, clients can choose the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This covers up to GBP 50,000 per client. However, if a compensation procedure with the US SIPC is ongoing or completed, a compensation procedure with FSCS may be declined.

Where do I register for a demo account?

Registering for a demo account is simple and straightforward via the BitIQ website.

How is the account opened?

The account is opened quickly and easily online.

The following information must be provided:

  • Full name with proof of identity;
  • Residential address with proof of address;
  • Date and country of birth;
  • Citizenship
  • Tax residency and tax identification number
  • Name and address of employer
  • Information on assets and income
  • Information on source of assets and funds
  • Investment objectives and experience
  • Bank or third party brokerage account numbers for deposit purposes; and
  • Details of other account users, if applicable

What are the terms and spreads at BitIQ?

BitIQ offers tight spreads, good conditions and strong liquidity. This is possible in forex trading, for example, due to the combination of quote streams from 17 of the world’s leading forex dealers, which together hold a market share of over 60% of the global interbank market. This makes it possible to provide price quotes with an accuracy of 1/10 pip.

There are two different commission models for exchange-traded products such as shares, ETFs, warrants, futures and options:


Here, the fees decrease with increasing trading volume.

Fixed price

A favourable fixed-price commission is charged per product or a fixed percentage of the trade value.
American shares are tradable from 0.005 USD per share. The minimum fee is 1.00 USD.

For German shares, the fees are 0.1% of the transaction volume and the minimum fee per order is 4.00 EUR. Share trading in other countries is also inexpensive and is usually 0.10 %.

For options, the commissions depend on the contract volume, depending on the routing.

For example, the fees for US options via smart routing are as follows for a number of contracts ≤ 10,000:

  • For a premium < 0.05 USD, the commission is 0.25 USD per contract
  • 0.50 USD per contract is due if the premium is between 0.05 USD and 0.10 USD
  • If the premium is ≥ 0.10 USD, commissions of 0.70 USD per contract are payable

Os levantamentos do eToro

Taxas de depósito
As taxas de depósito do eToro são geralmente baixas. Este é particularmente o caso dos depósitos em USD. Se fizer depósitos noutra moeda, poderá ser aplicada uma taxa de conversão. Esta taxa dependerá também do tipo de método de depósito utilizado.

Para depósitos efectuados noutra moeda por transferência bancária, será aplicada uma taxa fixa de 50 pips, independentemente da moeda. Para cartões de crédito/débito e eWallets, a taxa de conversão é a seguinte:

EUR – 250 Pips
GBP – 50 Pips
AUD – 100 Pips
RUB – 50 Pips
Note que o seu banco pode também cobrar-lhe uma taxa. Deve verificar a política do seu banco a este respeito.


Os levantamentos do eToro podem ser feitos utilizando os mesmos métodos que os depósitos. Como mencionado acima, trata-se de transferência bancária, cartão de crédito/débito e eWallets.

É de notar que os regulamentos anti-lavagem de dinheiro exigem que o seu método de levantamento corresponda ao seu método de depósito.

Taxas de retirada
As taxas de levantamento do eToro são uma taxa fixa de $5 ou o montante equivalente, e só pode levantar montantes superiores a $50.

Divuetorolgações e Comissões

Os spreads do eToro são oferecidos apenas como spreads variáveis. Não existem opções de spread fixas com este corretor. Poderá descobrir que os spreads do eToro são ligeiramente mais largos do que os dos seus concorrentes. Isto deve-se à existência de uma infra-estrutura sólida de comércio de cópias, da qual também pode beneficiar como comerciante.

Nos principais pares de divisas, os spreads começam geralmente em cerca de 1 pip. Dito isto, os spreads entre 2 e 4 pips são bastante comuns. eToro não cobra qualquer comissão pela negociação.

Para lhe dar uma imagem mais clara, aqui estão alguns exemplos de spreads para os mercados eToro trades mais frequentemente:

EUR/USD – 3 pips
Ouro – 45 pips
S&P500 – 75 pips
Bitcoin – 0,75% do valor crypto-asset
Acções dos EUA – 0,08% do valor do activo
Real Stock e ETF Trading Commissions
Um aspecto importante do comércio com eToro é a capacidade de negociar acções reais e ETFs. Isto resulta numa negociação sem alavancagem e o activo subjacente é seu. Neste caso, eToro não cobra qualquer comissão sobre estas transacções. No entanto, pode manter uma percentagem do dividendo.

Isto depende do país onde a empresa está sediada e, como exemplo, no caso das empresas americanas e ETFs, este montante corresponderia a 30% do dividendo. O apoio ao cliente de eToro pode fornecer-lhe mais informações sobre as diferentes percentagens para cada país.

Taxas eToro
Outra consideração importante para qualquer comerciante forex, principiante ou experiente, são as taxas. Vamos dar uma vista de olhos às definições de tarifas do eToro:

Tarifas de pernoita
eToro cobra uma taxa nocturna, tal como praticamente todos os outros corretores. Também conhecido como taxa de swap ou rollover, é um pagamento de juros com base nos activos e no período de tempo em que a posição esteve aberta. Esta taxa só se aplica a transacções alavancadas e posições curtas. Portanto, no caso de negociação 1:1 em acções, ETFs e crypto-assets, pode ser evitada.

Uma vez que não cumpre os princípios da Shariah, também pode ser evitada se tiver solicitado uma conta islâmica e a sua candidatura tiver sido aprovada.

Taxa de inactividade
O eToro cobra uma taxa de inactividade. Esta taxa ascende actualmente a $10. A taxa de inactividade do eToro só se aplica se não tiver feito o login na sua conta durante 12 meses consecutivos.

Se não houver fundos suficientes na sua conta para pagar a taxa de inactividade, a sua conta pode ser encerrada.

Conta de demonstração ilimitada
Depósitos mínimos baixos na maioria dos casos
0% de comissões sobre acções e ETFs quando se negoceia a sério.
Propagações relativamente elevadas
Imposto sobre os dividendos relativamente elevado do eToro
Depósito mínimo de conta islâmica muito elevado.

Apple iPhone 5 Werkseinstellung & Hard Reset

Wie setzt man sein Apple iPhone 5 zurück?

In diesem Tutorial geht es um den Soft-Reset, Factory-Reset und Hard-Reset für das Apple iPhone 5. Durch diese Aktionen werden alle Daten, Einstellungen und Inhalte auf Ihren Geräten vollständig gelöscht und auf die ursprünglichen Werkseinstellungen zurückgesetzt.

Das Zurücksetzen auf die Werkseinstellungen, auch Hard Reset genannt, ist eine schnelle und einfache Methode, um Ihr Gerät auf die ursprünglichen Werkseinstellungen zurückzusetzen. Diese Aktion löscht alle persönlichen Daten von Ihrem Gerät und macht es 100% sauber.

Wenn Ihr Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone Probleme hat wie:

Langsam läuft,
einfriert oder nicht reagiert,
im Startbildschirm stecken bleibt,
Zufällige Neustarts oder Probleme beim Neustart nach einem Firmware-Update,
Häufige Ausfälle, Fehler von System und Anwendungen,
Sie können sich nicht an das Gerätepasswort oder die Mustersperre erinnern,
Es ist ziemlich einfach, diese Probleme mit Apple iPhone 5 Formatierung und Factory Reset Prozess zu lösen.

Soft-Reset, auch bekannt als Soft-Reboot, ist der Neustart oder Neustart eines Geräts wie ein Computer, Smartphone oder Tablet. Dabei werden alle Anwendungen geschlossen und alle Daten im Arbeitsspeicher gelöscht. Ein Soft-Reset wird in der Regel durchgeführt, um fehlerhaft funktionierende Anwendungen zu reparieren.

Apple iPhone 5 über das Einstellungsmenü auf die Werkseinstellungen zurücksetzen

Wenn Sie auf das Menü zum Zurücksetzen Ihres Apple iPhone 5 zugreifen, können Sie alle Daten, Einstellungen und Inhalte auf Ihrem Gerät vollständig löschen. Durch diesen Vorgang wird es auf die Werkseinstellungen zurückgesetzt, wie am ersten Tag Ihres Smartphones.

Es gibt 6 Rücksetzoptionen für alle Apple-Produkte mit iOS-Betriebssystem. Diese sind: Alle Einstellungen zurücksetzen, Alle Inhalte und Einstellungen löschen, Netzwerkeinstellungen zurücksetzen, Tastaturwörterbuch zurücksetzen, Startbildschirm-Layout zurücksetzen und Standort und Datenschutz zurücksetzen.

Bevor Sie das Zurücksetzen auf die Werkseinstellungen über das Reset-Menü starten, sollten Sie Ihre Apple ID und Ihr Passwort kennen. Sie benötigen diese Informationen für die Geräteaktivierung während der ersten Installationsphase, die nach der Softwareinstallation erfolgt. Wenn Sie Ihre Apple ID oder Ihr Passwort vergessen haben, können Sie sich an den Apple-Kundendienst wenden.

Sie können die Formatierung des Apple iPhone 5 und das Zurücksetzen auf die Werkseinstellungen über das Einstellungsmenü abschließen, indem Sie die folgenden Schritte ausführen.

Vergewissern Sie sich, dass Ihr Gerät mindestens zu 50 % aufgeladen ist.
Stellen Sie Ihre Telefondaten mit einer geeigneten Methode (iCloud – iTunes) für den Sicherungs- und Wiederherstellungsprozess wieder her.
Vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie sich von Ihrem iCloud-Konto abmelden und Ihr Passwort gut kennen. Andernfalls kann es sein, dass Sie Ihr Telefon nicht mehr verwenden können.
Öffnen Sie das Menü Einstellungen.
Gehen Sie zum Menü Zurücksetzen: Einstellungen > Allgemein > Zurücksetzen.
Wählen Sie in diesem Menü die für Sie geeigneten Optionen aus.
Alle Einstellungen zurücksetzen
Mit der Option Alle Einstellungen zurücksetzen können Sie alle persönlichen Einstellungen Ihres Geräts auf die ursprünglichen Einstellungen zurücksetzen. Mit dieser Option werden Ihre persönlichen Daten, Kontakte, Notizen, Fotos und andere Informationen nicht gelöscht, wenn Sie einen Reset durchführen.

Alle Inhalte und Einstellungen löschen

Die Option Alle Inhalte und Einstellungen löschen setzt Ihr Gerät auf die ursprünglichen Werkseinstellungen zurück, indem alle persönlichen Daten, persönlichen Einstellungen, Kontakte, Notizen, Fotos und andere Informationen von Ihrem Smartphone gelöscht werden.

Nach ein paar Minuten wird Ihr Gerät neu gestartet und der Vorgang des Zurücksetzens auf die Werkseinstellungen ist abgeschlossen. Das erste Öffnen kann etwas länger dauern als üblich. Melden Sie sich auf dem Begrüßungsbildschirm mit Ihrem iCloud-Konto an, und Sie können den Prozess der Datenwiederherstellung starten.

Netzwerkeinstellungen zurücksetzen
Die Option Netzwerkeinstellungen zurücksetzen setzt alle auf Ihrem Smartphone gespeicherten Netzwerkeinstellungen auf die Werkseinstellungen zurück.

Tastaturwörterbuch zurücksetzen
Die Option Tastaturwörterbuch zurücksetzen setzt das Tastaturwörterbuch, das Sie auf Ihrem Gerät personalisiert haben, auf die Werkseinstellungen zurück.

Startbildschirm-Layout zurücksetzen
Mit der Option Startbildschirm-Layout zurücksetzen setzen Sie den von Ihnen personalisierten Startbildschirm auf die Werkseinstellungen zurück.

Standort und Datenschutz zurücksetzen
Mit der Option Standort und Datenschutz zurücksetzen werden alle auf Ihrem Gerät gespeicherten Standort- und Datenschutzinformationen auf die Werkseinstellungen zurückgesetzt.



PS4 Schwarzer Bildschirm beheben

Es gibt ein Problem, das viele PlayStation 4-Benutzer beunruhigt – ihre PS4-Konsole kann nichts auf ihrem Fernseher oder Monitor anzeigen. Normalerweise kommt dieses Problem mit dem schwarzen Bildschirm aus dem Nichts, und die Symptome sind unterschiedlich. Bei einigen tritt es auf, wenn sie versuchen, ihre PS4-Konsole einzuschalten. Sie sehen nichts auf dem Bildschirm, aber die Konsole läuft einwandfrei. Manche sehen den schwarzen Bildschirm auf ihrem Monitor, aber mit dem Fernseher funktioniert die Konsole einwandfrei. In anderen Fällen sehen die Benutzer die Bildschirme auf dem System normal, erhalten aber den schwarzen Bildschirm, wenn sie bestimmte Anwendungen öffnen.

Wenn Sie mit demselben Problem konfrontiert sind, geraten Sie nicht in Panik! Es gibt immer noch Möglichkeiten (siehe unten), um Ihren Bildschirm wieder zum Leuchten zu bringen. Und sie erfordern keine technischen Kenntnisse. Sie müssen nicht alle ausprobieren; arbeiten Sie sich einfach durch die Liste, bis Sie die Lösung gefunden haben, die Ihnen hilft.

Hier ist eine Liste von Dingen, die du ausprobieren kannst, um das Problem mit dem schwarzen Bildschirm deiner PS4 zu beheben:

Methode 1: Starten Sie Ihre PS4 komplett neu

Ein kompletter Neustart Ihrer PS4 kann viele Probleme beheben, die Ihr Problem mit dem schwarzen Bildschirm verursachen. Das ist die erste Maßnahme, die Sie ergreifen sollten, wenn Sie nichts auf dem Display Ihrer PS4 sehen können. So gehen Sie vor:

1) Halten Sie die Einschalttaste Ihrer PS4 etwa 7 Sekunden lang gedrückt (bis Sie den zweiten Piepton der Konsole hören). Dadurch wird Ihre Konsole vollständig ausgeschaltet.

2) Ziehen Sie das Netzkabel von der Konsole ab.

3) Warten Sie mindestens 30 Sekunden lang.

4) Schließen Sie das Netzkabel wieder an die Konsole an.

5) Schalten Sie Ihre PS4 ein und prüfen Sie, ob das Problem behoben ist.

Methode 2: Versuchen Sie ein anderes HDMI-Kabel oder einen anderen Anschluss

Wenn Sie HDMI für die Videoausgabe verwenden und das Problem mit dem schwarzen Bildschirm auftritt, kann es sein, dass das verwendete HDMI-Kabel oder der Anschluss das Problem verursacht.

Probieren Sie zunächst ein anderes Kabel aus, um zu sehen, ob das Problem dadurch behoben werden kann. Wenn ein neues Kabel nicht hilft, ist möglicherweise der verwendete HDMI-Anschluss defekt, und Sie können ein anderes Kabel ausprobieren.

Methode 3: Deaktivieren Sie HDCP

HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) ist eine Schutztechnologie, die verhindern soll, dass digitale Inhalte (z. B. HD-Filme) raubkopiert werden. Sie wird bei digitalen Videostandards wie HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI usw. verwendet.

Aber manchmal kann HDCP sehr lästig sein. Wenn Ihr Fernseher oder Monitor damit nicht kompatibel ist, gibt Ihre PS4 kein Video oder Audio aus. Und das ist wahrscheinlich die Ursache für das Problem mit dem schwarzen Bildschirm (wenn es beim Öffnen bestimmter Anwendungen auftritt). Sie können versuchen, die Funktion zu deaktivieren und sehen, ob das Problem dadurch behoben werden kann.

Um dies zu tun:

1) Öffnen Sie auf Ihrer PS4 die Einstellungen.

2) Wählen Sie System.

3) Deaktivieren Sie HDCP (Deaktivieren Sie “HDCP aktivieren”)

Jetzt haben Sie HDCP auf Ihrer PS4 deaktiviert. Versuchen Sie, die Anwendung oder das Spiel zu öffnen, die bzw. das den schwarzen Bildschirm verursacht hat, und prüfen Sie, ob es jetzt funktioniert.

Methode 4: Lassen Sie Ihre PS4 reparieren

In vielen Fällen ist das Problem des schwarzen Bildschirms bei der PS4 ein Hardware-Problem. Es ist möglich, dass der HDMI-Anschluss Ihrer PS4 beschädigt ist. Es kann aber auch an anderen Komponenten Ihrer Konsole liegen. Möglicherweise müssen Sie einen Spezialisten um Hilfe bitten. Wenn Ihre PS4 noch unter die Garantie fällt, wenden Sie sich an den Verkäufer Ihres Geräts oder den Kundendienst von Sony, um Ihre Konsole reparieren oder ersetzen zu lassen. Sie können auch ein darauf spezialisiertes Unternehmen beauftragen, das Problem für Sie zu beheben.