Achieve Financial Sovereignty With Bitcoin By Going Non-Custodial

• Bitcoin is important for financial sovereignty and self custody can only be achieved by using non-custodial Lightning wallets.
• There is a big resistance to change habits when it comes to custodial vs non-custodial services.
• Bitcoin educators must first teach people about self custody, the pros and cons of different tools, and why it is important; then they should let the person decide which route they want to take.

The Need For Financial Sovereignty

Bitcoin has become increasingly important for financial sovereignty, as it allows people to hold their own money without relying on trusting third parties or governments. This can be achieved by holding bitcoin in self custody and using additional tools to reach a decent level of privacy.

Resistance To Change Habits

When trying to onboard people onto a non-custodial Lightning wallet, there is a big resistance to change habits often seen. Many believe that because they have never faced any problems with custodial services, there is no need to change their setup.

Teaching About Self Custody

As a Bitcoin educator, it is essential for people understand the difference between custodial and non-custodial services before deciding which route they want to take. Therefore, it is necessary for educators to first teach them about self custody and why it is important; make them aware of the risks they are taking; present different tools with the pros and cons of each one; and finally let them make an informed decision on their own.

Lightning Wallet Test In Rural Zimbabwe

To find out if it was feasible for people in rural areas with low internet connectivity on mobile data use a non-custodial Lightning wallet, I set out do a test in Zimbabwe. The results showed that even with these challenging settings, onboarding users onto such wallets was possible – provided you gave them enough time and assistance.


In conclusion, Bitcoin educators need ensure that those being onboarded are aware of what financial sovereignty means so they can make an informed decision on whether or not to use non-custodial services such as Lightning wallets over custodials ones like Coinbase or xapo etc