Explore the Future of NFTs With Edge of NFT on DeFiance TV!

• Edge of Company Inc. and DeFiance TV have partnered to distribute the Edge of NFT show on Defiance TV’s programming lineup.
• The Edge of NFT podcast explores the business side and human element of how NFTs are changing our interactions with things we love.
• Notable guests featured on the show include Beeple, Steve Aoki, World Of Women, Yat Siu of Animoca Brands, Jiho the Founder of Axie Infinity, Marc Cuban, Gary Vee and more.

Edge of Company Inc. & DeFiance TV Partnership

The Edge of Company Inc., a dynamic media and events company dedicated to elevating emerging technology, has announced its expanded distribution of the Edge of NFT show on DeFiance TV’s innovative programming lineup. This 24-hour global broadcast and FAST network is dedicated to the new economy.

Exploring NFTs & Web3

Edge of NFT brings exclusive content related to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Web3 technology to viewers that explore both the business aspect as well as the human element in how these tokens are changing our interaction with things we love. With over 100,000 listeners tuning in last year alone into this world, it caters to those that are futurists and dreamers, disruptors and creators, fans or connectors – makers or doers who are enthusiastic about where it goes next.

Premiere Date & Time

Edge of NFT will premier Friday June 30th at 500 p.m Pacific/800 p.m Eastern on DeFiance TV with new episodes airing every Friday at 8pm/5pm Pacific time which will then be replayed daily at 8pm ET/5pm PT; 12pm/9am Pacific; 5am/ 2am Pacific respectively.

Notable Guests

The show has featured notable guests such as Beeple, Steve Aoki, World Of Women, Yat Siu from Animoca Brands, Jiho from Axie Infinity – plus many more including Marc Cuban and Gary Vee! Through this premiere viewers can expect to gain exclusive insights into what’s going on in top 1% in this space today – plus get an idea about what will stand the test time!

About Edge Of Nft Podcast

The Edge Of Nft Podcast is designed for those who want to explore what’s happening with non-fungible tokens today – plus what could stand up against test time! It covers topics such as business side as well as human elements when it comes to interacting with things we love through these types of tokens!